Okay, so it’s been a long time since I posted any kind of update about my life on here so I thought I would bring my lovely followers back up to speed. At the end of June I moved out of Coventry to come back home to Essex which was quite frankly horrible, I couldn’t believe how hard it was to move back in with my family after four years away. But I am getting used to it. Slowly. I know most people have to live with their parents again after university but I managed to blag another year away and I couldn’t help but feel that my life was taking a step backwards. The people I had graduated with had already moved back home the year before so when I was finally moving home, my friends were moving out. Bad times. But as I said I am getting used to it. But anyway, since being home I have decorated my bedroom (I didn’t know how hard wallpapering was until my Dad forced me to help) I have turned 22 (can’t believe I got that old) and spent a lot of time with my friends (but my best friend is leaving me next week to spend the rest of the summer in Spain way!) So after a month of relaxing and settling back into life at home I am finally cracking on with getting my new website up and running, rebranding my creative CV and business cards and getting started with the new job search! Fingers crossed that it will all pay off! Thankyou for reading and I’ll try and be better at keeping you in the loop more. For more regular updates feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram - @shellypixiie 

Lots of Love

Shelly x

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